How does Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub relieve pain?

Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub has histamine dihydrochloride, which increases blood flow, plus a proprietary blend of natural pain relievers, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory agents, a joint lubricant, an agent that may slow nerve conduction, and an ingredient that helps achieve deep tissue penetration.

What type of pain will the Pain Rub help?

Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub is intended for any type of minor ache or pain. People have used it for pain associated with over exertion, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, trigger thumb, pulled hamstrings, muscle cramps and spasms, migraines and other headaches, tennis elbow, neuralgias, sciatic nerve pain, back and neck pain, bee stings, and numerous other painful conditions. Patients have used it for almost any type of pain you can think of, from fibromyalgia to knee replacement surgery.

Does Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub require a prescription?

No. Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub is an FDA approved, patent pending, over-the-counter non-prescription preparation manufactured in the United States.

How does the Pain Rub feel and smell?

Dr Fred's Miracle Rub is a greaseless deep penetrating cream with a clean, fresh scent. There is no burning sensation or unpleasant odor, just soothing relief from pain.

How do I use Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub?

The Miracle Rub may be applied up to four times a day. Simple exertional muscle pain, headaches, cramps, and other causes of minor pain often respond to one application. More chronic pain, such as arthritis, may require repeated applications for best results.

How fast does Dr Fred's Pain Rub work?

Some pain, such as headaches and muscle cramps may respond in seconds. Deeper pain, such as muscle pulls, may take 20 to 30 minutes to respond. While chronic inflammatory pain may see marked improvement within minutes or hours, best and cumulative results may be obtained with regular use.

Where can I buy Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub?

Dr Fred's Pain Relief Rub is available through this website and at Ojai Village Pharmacy located in Ojai, California. You can order online or call the pharmacy to order.


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